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I'm not too sure what you would like to know about me so I’ll give you a bit of a rant; my favourite colour is blue most of the time, or something Earthy. Yes, I do wash my hair and no, I might not play enough reggae.


Music has always been in my blood. In the past I've tried to not use lyrics as a coping mechanism too much, although as I've grown I've found myself asking those life questions that I guess you can't escape from. You know, things like what the hell am I doing, who left the iron on and whether or not ben and jerrys phish food tastes better than if they decided to spell it 'less funny'.


There is some sort of weirdly ethereal place inside where my lyrics emanate from so I genuinely hope you can connect with me on a level some way or another. Nothing make me happier than sharing stories after a show :-)


Originally from Australia, I flew to the UK a few years ago and fell in love with the British Isles.  After having to return to Oz, it didn’t take me long before I was back to continue where I left off..


I’m currently based in Chester, Cheshire, busking and playing shows and also working on some shiny new material in the studio.


For Updates, check back here or over on Facey. If you’re in an area where I happen to be, COME SAY HI!


Have a happy, happy day! x

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